Review: Karamy KUB-DP46 Removable Reflective black/Silver Softlight Umbrella by Preliminary Films

Things I like: (1) Professional grade photography umbrella; (2) 3 in 1 interchangeable; (3) It is bigger than average sold on Amazon. I like that this umbrella is better than average sold here on Amazon since I have lots of them and already compared. This one feels stronger built and it is also bigger. I love that the umbrella can be changed for silver, white or black face. I like that it is easy to change and it emits a nice spread light across the subject as seen on video. [...]

KARAMY KLS-4320AL 126" Light Stand Review


Karamy KUB-T34 Umbrella Reflector Review by Lasley Media Group

Model No: Karamy KUB-T34 Umbrella Supporting: Hardened and Enhanced Unbrella Supporting Unfolded Diameter: 34in (860mm) Umbrella Depth: 8in (210mm) Folded Height: 23in (580mm) Package Includes: KUB-T34 Soft White Umbrella *1, Umbrella Bag *1[...]

KARAMY KSB-B105 Studio Lighting Set Carry Bag - Review


KUB-BS41 Review By MovieHQ


KUB-T46 Review By Curtis Judd


Karamy KLS-4220AL Air Cushion Studio Light Stand

This is a really nice looking, a nice quality and nice priced light stand. It is a review by Kerry Garrison. [...]

Karamy photography sandbag (weight bag) review

The purpose of a photography sandbag is to weigh your light stand down to prevent it from being knocked over by your clients or a gust of wind, for example. The sandbags are also critical when you use a boom arm and need a counterweight to balance out your flash light. [...]

Karamy Removable Reflective Black/Silver Umbrella

Karamy Removable Reflective Black/Silver Umbrella[...]

$50 bag for BIG lighting gear - Karamy 105cm carry case review


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